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My grandmother was given away to save money. My great-grandfather, Petras “Peter” Gilles died when my grandmother was 9 mos old. No insurance/income & 4 hungry kids so my great-grandmother, Bertha decided to give my grandmother away to lessen the family burden & offer Martha a better life with her childless aunt & uncle. But my grandmother sobbed for days--family gossip says she may also have become ill--so back she went.

Bertha never forgave my grandmother for returning & scapegoated her for the rest of her life. (Bertha, you bitter woman!) This, in turn, made my grandmother long for the father she never knew. Sadly, anytime Martha asked about her father, my great-grandmother would refuse to speak of him. This only made my grandmother pine for him more.

My mother decides to honor her long past mother by finding out more about Peter. A year of research is done. Family still living in Poland is found along with Peter's family farmland in Lithuania! My mother invites everyone in the family for a 2-week genealogy trip to visit. My brother Doug, his wife Karyn, my second cousin Patty & I agree to go. My mother decides to bring a picture of her mother on our trip to show her Peter's people & the land from which he came. <eyes welling up>  

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