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Avocado Toast + Variations

Prep time: 3+ min., Cook time: 3+.

Avocado toast is one of my go to snacks, but it can also be filling enough for lunch or a light dinner.

The recipe is easy:
Avocado (sliced, chunked or mashed)
whatever your imagination can come up with (or whatever happens to be handy in your fridge)

My favorite variation is the simplest:
Sliced avocado + whole grain toast + sea salt + freshly ground red pepper

Suggested variations include the following. Just keep 2 things in mind:
1. R
emember to add a nice sprinkle of sea salt if your topping isn't already salted. Salt really makes the flavor pop.
2. Most of the time, I think sliced avocado works better than mashed. I only used mashed or guacamole if my other toppings already have a lot of texture.

  • Avocado toast meets Mexico (pictured here):
    Chunky guacamole + toasted peasant bread + grilled Mexican street corn.

  • Middle Eastern:
    Sliced avocado + whole grain toast + Greek yogurt or drizzle of extra virgin oil + za'atar (Middle Eastern spice blend made of
    dried herbs, sesame seeds, dried sumac, salt and often other spices.)
  • Pesto love:
    Sliced avocado + sour dough toast + pesto (The type of pesto will change the flavor so get creative. Basil pesto is great, but sun dried tomato pesto, lemon/pistachio pesto & arugula pesto can make your avocado toast sing.)

  • Garlic bread:
    Mashed avocado + minced garlic/butter smeared onto multigrain bread & toasted

  • Spicy Mexican:
    Sliced avocado + whole grain toast + spicy salsa

  • Grilled cheese:
    Sliced avocado + extra sharp cheddar cheese melted onto sourdough toast + a thin smear of spicy mustard
  • Italian peasant:
    Chunked avocado + peasant bread toast + fresh ricotta (trust me, fresh ricotta is far more delicious than that white plastic tub & totally worth the extra expense) + lemon zest