Hey GLTers! On this page, I included the movie trailers & a poll to vote on which movie you want to see on New Year's Eve.

Hey GLTers! I wanted to include the trailers and ensure that only people actually coming were the ones who voted so figured this was the best way.

All the movies included below have great reviews and have reserved seating around 11pm. Time to vote!

1. REVIEW THE MOVIES (click each link to see the trailer):
All the Money in the World
I, Tonya
Molly's Game
The Post 
The Shape of Water 
Star Wars: The Last Jedi 

2. RANK THE MOVIES (in order from most want to see to least want to see).
Vote here

I'll keep the voting up till the 28th. Then, I'll publish the anonymous results & include the movie theater link so you can buy a ticket.