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Could You Find Lithuania & Poland on a Map If They Weren't Labelled?

Before booking this trip, I couldn't. I knew they were near Germany and Russia. Too near Germany and Russia as everyone knows from the history books. (You can even see a bit of Russia in between Poland and Lithuania above.) From looking at the map and thinking about the problems happening in the Ukraine and with Russia, I think you'll understand why we flew into Copenhagen, Denmark instead of Kiev, Ukraine or St. Petersburg, Russia before landing in Warsaw, Poland.

This was the beginning of our trip of a lifetime and as we came out of the gate something pretty fantastic happened.

That's Agata. Hi Agata! My "cousin" so cute in her white suit. (Actually, my 3rd cousin, but for convenience's sake let's just say cousin from here on out.) And she met us at the gate with a sign! Squee! I've always wanted to be met at the gate with a sign. Seeing her standing there, I felt so loved and kinda like a rock star as well.

Agata and her boyfriend, Stefan then took us to our apartment in Warsaw. Speaking of rock stars, look at Stefan rocking a white suit as well in our funky apartment.

He commanded every room he was in and is truly unforgettable which funnily enough became one of the catch words of our trip in Poland.

So began our adventure hand in hand with Agata and Stefan.

New thing this week: Being met at the airport with a sign.