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Sweet Iced Carrot/Spicy Habanero Pepper Delight

Shopping at the Whole Foods grocery store is always an interesting albeit pricey experience. I don't often buy desserts, but this flavor profile they had from Steve's Ice Cream caught my eye when I was shopping for other things.

I've never had a carrot or habanero ice cream though "ice cream" is a misnomer as it's actually made with coconut cream, not dairy. You wouldn't know the difference though since it's so creamy, sweet and smooth.

Steve's Ice Cream tags itself as a "flavor revolution" and I agree! The delicate and fresh taste of carrot was balanced so well with a lingering spicy habanero finish. +The pretty peach color of the frozen treat just made it perfect for summer.

#2 new thing tried this week: The unusual flavor of carrot habanero "ice cream".