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Ode to my Ego

My first thought after deciding to create a blog was to wonder if was available. Does that make me an egomaniac? Maybe.

Working in the product world, I know that having the right brand and message are important. Yet, I wasn't thinking about that when I found out the URL, my URL, was available and immediately bought it. I'm not proud to admit that my brain went, <Whee!!!> "People will have to type MY name in to see MY blog. ME!"

Sure, I tried to rationalize it. "It's a great resume builder." "It'll be easier for my family and friends to find the blog."  And yes, part of the excitement was the thrill of it all. I remember back in the day when the internet first began, "yournamehere" with a dot com after it was everything.

But I think we all know that this is crap. My ego had just taken over--at least temporarily. I came to my senses a few hours later and bought Both of these addresses now redirect to this blog, but the new domain makes more sense though I have to admit it gives me a secret thrill knowing my name is now a URL.

New things tried this week: A URL & a (hopefully) creative/catchy website title instead of the boring corporate web site names I've become used to working with over the years.