In addition to my email cover letter and the attachments I included there, I thought it only fair if I showed you more about me since I can see more about you and the other employees via FetLife.

My web site touches on my personality and I invite you to explore it, but it doesn't speak to how I would fit into the culture of FetLife.

I live in Hell's Kitchen, Manhattan. New York City is already considered open-minded, but Hell's Kitchen is even more so with a variety of theater folk living here as well as one of the largest gay communities in the city. I fit into more of the professional category of people who live in the area, however, there is a bit of kink that floats behind my white-collar exterior. While I'm more of a kink explorer, I am open-minded and celebratory of others' differences. Here are my BDSMtest.org results if you're curious.

I look forward to discussing a possible product management position with FetLife.