I want to live in a world filled with innovative products, engaging words, gasp-worthy photos and underwater adventures.


Hello! My name's Beth McCrea.

I want to live in a world filled with innovative products, engaging words, gasp-worthy photos and underwater adventures.

SaaS products I've overseen have won awards with the "Innovation Award for its Leadership in Innovation and Superior Product" and "Product of the Year" being the most recent. And I don't discriminate—I've shaped small products into robust programs increasing product sales over 74% and have also managed large product lines with over 115 million unique monthly users.

I’ve led a variety of cross-functional, agile teams, and created one department from scratch while streamlining another. I’ve delighted in guiding my team and seeing them thrive, but I confess that I find it fun to dig into direct product work as well.

Some clients of note include: CBS Corporation, Raycom Media, Gray Television, Meredith Corporation, NBC/ABC affiliates, and Fox TV Stations. (See my resume or LinkedIn for more details.)

Diving the wreck of the Duane. (Photo courtesy of Michael Rothschild.)

In my off hours, I write for Scuba Diver Life which has an audience of 2.67 million unique users a month. 

When I'm not working in the product world or writing, I'm scuba diving, traveling, running my online book club, improving my photography, and trying to contend with my two cats, Billy and Jaelyn who have become even more self-involved after being featured in W42nd St. Magazine.

I'm based in a funky neighborhood of Manhattan called Hell's Kitchen where I work from a turn of the century apartment with crumbly brick walls.

You can reach me through social media or through the form below.

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